Top 3 Features of a Good Sales Compensation Software - Easy-Commission

Too busy, too frazzled, or too preoccupied – We’ve all been there at some point in our lives.

sWith the holidays fast approaching, sales reps and sales managers alike are usually running here and there trying to get a lot of things done all at the same time. Everyone’s buying gifts for everyone. The people in sales are usually at their busiest before, during, and even immediately after the holidays.

Imagine this. You’re a sales manager, and one of your sales reps suddenly approaches you asking for a quick overview of his sales commissions for the month – hey, he’s excited to see how much he’s earned in sales commissions so far, what with all the sales he’s making.

You rub your hands over your face and take a breath while a thought crosses your mind – “Who’s got time for this?”

Well, with the right tools, you do!

Because it’s the holidays, QCommission is giving you a FREE gift: a Sales Commission Calculator! It is a “simple commission calculator to calculate commissions from sales data”.

Free Sales Commission Calculator

This free online commission calculator can help you quickly determine how much sales commission you or your sales rep can get from a sale. All you need to do is input the revenue and the commission rate, and you’re all set!

Also, this free online commission calculator lets you remove the expenses so you can calculate just the profit. “The commission amount can be determined from the sales amount (revenue) or Gross profit. You can even enter the quota / goal values and determine the attainment percent to calculate the commission over and above quota.”

Ready to get your FREE Sales Commission Calculator? Just click on the image below:

f you have complex sales commission plans, check out QCommission can take care of simplifying your complex sales commission calculations for you, so you can #PayPeopleProperly.


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