How to Effectively Reduce Your Sales Stress

Sales is a really stressful job. In a survey conducted by online career database PayScale, sales job was ranked as the second most stressful job. Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to meet their targets, convert leads, etc.

Since stress has been proven time and again to be detrimental to one’s health, we have come up with some tips to help you deal better with work-related stress.

Below are some proven stress-busters for salespeople:

1. Plan to Succeed

One of the single biggest causes of stress in sales is poor time management. Sales people just aim to achieve the month end target. Start planning your days and weeks, set aside time for key activities, and take control of your time at work to ease that stress.

2. Ask for Help

Start asking your colleagues and managers for help and support to take away that pressure.

3. Regular Breaks

Sales people are always busy and can sometimes struggle to stop working in order to take a break. But, we are human beings and our bodies and minds need regular breaks. Breaks will help you focus and work even harder!

4. Learn from Failure

You will fail as much as you succeed. It’s important to celebrate your successes, but equally learn from your failures. Don’t look at them as a negative thing, instead, learn from them.

5. Celebrate

Celebrate every achievement. It might be getting through to that impossible client or making a sale. Celebrate as much as you can, it will not only make you feel good, but it will help motivate you!

6. Take Time Off

When high stress becomes a way of life, vacations and time off are only quick fixes. A vacation represents a time of well-deserved rest. Turn off your gadgets and avoid checking your e-mails. Taking the time off to do things that you enjoy (be it cooking, playing sports, fishing, or simply enjoying a glass of wine in your living room), spending time with people who invigorate and inspire you (mentors, family and friends), or just being by yourself, helps you win the stress war.

7. Stay Healthy to Reduce Sales Stress

Your entire well-being can help determine how capable you are of beating work-related stress. Some tips to living healthy include:

  • Stretch your muscles when you feel tired at work.
  • Limit your coffee intake.
  • Get enough sleep – 8 hours a day is ideal.
  • Avoid alcohol, sweets, or carbonated beverages.
  • Snack on fruits and nuts instead of junk foods.

Exercising regularly can be quite difficult. Find a buddy who can encourage you and help you establish a routine. It will do wonders to your motivation to exercise.