How to use Google™ account to access Easy-Commission

Register for an Easy-Commission account using your Google™ credentials

Easy-Commission is tightly integrated with Google™ Single Sign-On to facilitate easy authentication and access to your account. By incorporating the standard mechanism provided by Google™, Easy-Commission can identify the Google™ users and allow the registration with minimal steps. The following video will take you through the steps involved while registering with a Google™ Account.

If you want to know more about the technical aspects of this authentication process, please look at the Google™ article here.

Login to an Easy-Commission account using your Google™ credentials

Once registered with Easy-Commission using your Google™ account, you can always login to your Easy-Commission account using the same Google™ credentials. If you're logged in to your Google™ account already, this can take you inside your Easy-Commission account in a single click. The following video will show you how the access will be, with your Google™ credentials.