How is Easy-Commission different from Intuit® Commissions Manager (ICM)?

With the discontinuance of Intuit® Commissions Manager, Easy-Commission is stepping in its place to take care of customer needs. Easy-Commission is used to calculate sales commissions like Intuit® Commissions Manager but is a much more robust solution for commissions. For example, Intuit® Commissions Manager cannot split a commission for an invoice across 3 sales people; Easy-Commission can!

Intuit® Commissions Manager

Intuit® Commissions Manager is designed to directly affect the QuickBooks® data. Intuit® Commissions Manager also is designed for the administrator to decide commissions on a single invoice at a time. Intuit® Commissions Manager operates at the full invoice rather than at the invoice line level. In Intuit® Commissions Manager, commission is paid on Invoices with a single Rep assigned to the invoice. Default commission percentages can be specified for Reps and the default commissions will be calculated when those invoices are ready to be paid. You can also override the commission percentages for each invoice or at the invoice line item level.

In addition, you can specify whether an item is non-commissionable by specifying the commission percentage as Zero. There is also the ability to pay a bonus on each invoice.

Once the Invoices are confirmed to be paid manually, these invoices will be moved to the “Paid History” section.


Easy-Commission copies the data from QuickBooks® and affects the data; this helps add a lot of extra information such as extra sales reps on each invoice. Easy-Commission also operates at an invoice line level so that each line can have different reps and different rates. Easy-Commission also operates at a rep level. Rules are specified at a rep level and it affects a whole set of invoices automatically.

Easy-Commission uses the following concepts that Intuit® Commissions Manager may not have.

Commission Schedule – You can define the pay period with dates. The app automatically calculates commissions only for invoices within the pay period only.

Commission Statement – a predefined commission statement is created for each rep for each pay period. This is what a sales rep expects to see.

Items/Products – To maintain additional information to facilitate additional commission calculations. Example: paying different commissions rates by product.

Commission Plan – When a sales rep is hired, they agree to a commission plan, which drives the commission calculations. Easy-Commission shows that plan within the system for each rep.

Easy-Commission Process flow The basic process flow of Easy-Commission is like this:
  1. Setup the commission schedule as desired (One – time activity).
  2. Your sales data can be bought in using Import from Intuit® App Center (Recurring activity)
  3. Make sure that the Commission Plans are setup (One – time activity)
  4. Run the Commission calculation process and see the statements generated.
  5. Close the period to mark the paid transactions and to avoid duplicate commissions.

Easy-Commission goes beyond the ability to of a simple commission calculator. It can support advanced commission scenarios like Manager Overrides, Splits, Draw and Tier rate commissions. It also provides the ability to customize the statements and to generate various reports and dashboards. This facilitates the easier tracking of sales process by both the Administrators and sales Reps. Because of all the additional abilities, more involvement is necessary in making the app work for a customer’s needs.

Below is a detailed comparison chart between Easy-Commission and Intuit® Commissions Manager.

Key Differences

Features Intuit® Commissions Manager Easy-Commission
Commission assignment Manual Rule Based
Split Commissions No Split Commissions to 3 Reps
Override commissions No Override commissions to manager
Line level Commissions No Different commissions by invoice line
Calculate commission as a formula No Excel like formulas
Product based commissions No Different commissions by products
Supports multiple Commissions (incentives) No Different calculations for same person
Quantity based commissions No Pay amounts for units sold
Profit based commissions No Profit between revenue and item cost
Recoverable Draw No Provide advances and recover
Adjustments No Adjust in next period
Commission schedule support No Weekly, Bi-weekly. Monthly
Real time integration with IPP data Yes No, happens on login
Update AP No Once for each period
Statements and Reports
Clean commission statement by commission schedule Yes By each period.

Feature Comparison


Intuit® Commissions Manager Easy-Commission
Ability to set Commission as a percentage Yes Yes
Ability to set Commission as a fixed amount No Yes
Ability to set Commission as a formula No Yes
Supports multiple Commissions (incentives) No Yes
Quantity based commissions No Yes
Profit based commissions No Yes
Product based commissions No Yes
Territory based commissions No Yes
Ability to pay commissions based on advanced combinational rules No Yes
Bonus Support Yes, invoice level incentives Yes, as incentives
Split Commissions No Yes
Override commissions No Yes
Commission schedule support No Yes
Ability to pay commissions based on PAID status Yes Yes
Quota Setting No Yes
Tiered Commission Rates No Yes
Recoverable Draw No Yes
Adjustments No Yes
Multiple payout frequency No Yes
Ability to see prior commissions Yes Yes
Support for non-commissionable items Yes Yes
Real time integration with IPP data Yes No, happens on login
Ability to override imported data No Yes
Import of EXCEL, CSV data No Yes
Update AP No Yes
Update Payroll No Yes
Statements and Reports
Export Statement Yes Yes
Ability to send commission statements as emails No Yes
Export of Reports Yes Yes
Dashboards No Yes
Ability to provide custom LOGO No Yes
Statement Designer No Yes
CRM Features Yes Yes