Manager Override Commission Plan

This document helps you to gain an understanding about how to use Easy-Commission application. This example plan may help you to set up the sales commission plan that pays flat rate commission to Rep for any sale made to a customer. The plan data is in effect for the Commission year 2017.

The document has four sections
  • Maintenance Data – Explanation of pre-requisite data such as customers and products
  • Commission setup – Explanation of commission plan setup
  • Calculating commissions – Explanation of running the calculation
  • Commission Statements – Viewing Commission Statements, export of statements.
Maintenance Data
The maintenance data are the pre-requisite data that are used in calculation rules to calculate the payouts. This section covers all the setup data necessary for processing.

Commission Schedule
The commission schedule is set for the commission year 2017 and it starts from January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017. The commissions are paid out monthly.

A Rep may be a Sales Representative or an agent who gets commission payouts.

'Sample Randy' and 'Sample Brandy' are Sales reps and 'Sample Smith' is Sales Manager.
Rep List Page
Rep Detail Page
Product refers to an item that has physical characteristics or services offered to the customer. Products can have specific commission rates in some cases.
Rep Detail Page
Product Detail Page
Customer is the individuals or firms to whom the products are sold. Sales to a specific customer can be credited to a particular Rep.
Customer List Page
Customer Detail Page
In Easy-Commission, transactions are typically sales data such as orders, invoices or customer payments. The transactions will have information such as sales amount or gross profit. Transactions get credited to different Reps prior to calculating commissions.
Transaction List Page
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Commission Setup
The commission setup is basically the rules of calculation for payout for any Rep.

The Simple Flat Rate Commission Plan by Customer is one of the simpler plans. The rep responsible for the sale will be credited and will be paid a single commission rate for each sale to specific customer.

Commission Plan
The commission plan specifies which transactions should be credited to which sales rep and what commission rate are to be considered for calculation. In this example, we assume that Rep is already been associated with the transaction.

Transactions made by Rep "Sample Brandy" to the customer "Acme, Inc" are credited and paid at flat 6%rate. Similarly transactions made by Rep "Sample Randy" to the customer "ABC Ltd" are credited and paid at flat 5% rate.
Commission Plan List Page
Commission Plan Detail Page
You may calculate the plans for current period by selecting "Calculate Commissions" from Tasks Menu.
Calculating Commissions
After clicking the calculate button, process kicks and display the process status as complete once all the reps commission are calculated.

Commission Statements
After running the calculation process, the system produces commission results for each rep. Results can be checked by looking at the commission statements.
Statement for a Rep can be looked at just by selecting the relevant Rep Name from the drop down. For example to view Sample Randy's statement, just clicks Rep Name drop down and select 'Sample Randy'.