Easy-Commission Mobile Website


Below are the prerequisites to access Easy-Commission Mobile website

1.       A valid Easy-Commission account created at www.easy-commission.com.
2.       You should be either an active Administrator or active Sales Rep on that account.
3.       A Mobile or Tablet device with internet access.

2. How to access Easy-Commission Mobile website?

Access Easy-Commission website from your Mobile Phone or Tablet by pointing your
web browser to
Below are the detailed steps.


Step 1: Open your web browser

Step 2: Provide m.easy-commission.com in the address bar and navigate.

Please note that if you access www.easy-commission.com from you Mobile phone or Tablet device, the website will automatically redirect you to our mobile website.

3. Login to Mobile Website

Step 1: Provide User Id

Step 2: Provide Password

Step 3: Tap Login

4. Features

Once logged in, the following features will be accessible.

Feature Description
Statements Ability to see current and prior period statements
Search for Transactions Ability to search and see the details of sales transactions
Performance Various performance dashboards related to your sales performance
Actions Ability to contact your compensation administrator OR Easy-Commission support for queries
Logout Logout from Easy-Commission Mobile website

5. Statements

You can view your current and prior period statements using this feature.

Administrator View

Administrators will be able to select a sales rep and see their statement, by selecting a period and year as per your calendar frequency.

Sales Reps can directly see their Statement, after selecting the period and year.

a) Statement Display

A typical display of Statement will be as shown below. Sales Reps can drill down to the incentive level and see the transaction details that generated the statements.

Tapping on the transaction Id will give a detailed view of the transaction.

6. Search for Transactions

The search user interface is as shown below.

Step: Provide Search text and tap “Search”. The search text can be Transaction Id, Product or Customer Name.

a) Search Results

Step: Tap on the Transaction ID, to see more details.

7. Performance Tab

Various Performance dashboards are available under performance tab. A sample screenshot is shown below.

Step: Tap any of the desired perfomance title to view the dashboard.

8. Actions

Below is the actions page, where the user can contact Easy-Commission Support OR the compensation administrator. These actions are available as per the role of the currently logged in user.

More actions will be available in the future. For an Administrator, the contact page will look like this.

9. Logout

Step: Tap Logout to logout from the Easy-Commission Mobile Website.