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Sales Commission Solution

Easy-Commission is a simple and flexible sales commission software that's easy to use and cost effective to implement. It offers the key features, benefits, and functionality that you are looking for. It is a web-hosted product that lets you setup a commission plan, and track and calculate sales commissions for sales people independently.

Sales Commissions drive the performance of sales people in most companies. For highly motivated sales people, it is important to be able to calculate and track commissions accurately and on time. Easy-Commission helps you do just that. Easy-Commission solves the major issues for most companies in calculating and paying out sales commissions.

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Web based access

Allowing your sales people to directly access the system online, may give them clear access to their commission statements.

Timely payment of commissions

Manual calculation processes consume a lot of time and can delay the distribution of commissions badly.

Clear communication

This avoids confusion among the sales people and lets them focus on sales activities.

Visibility to all data

Easy-Commission encompasses the ability to report comprehensively on sales and commissions.

Direct integration with QuickBooks

If you are a QuickBooks® user you have an added advantage.

Commission Statements

Commission statements show all detailed calculations.