Easy-Commission Features

Easy-Commission is a simple and easy sales commission solution. It is designed to handle some of the basic sales commission needs for small businesses.
Easy-Commission is a web-hosted commission solution that allows companies to set up their sales commission calculations and share the results with their reps. Reps can also access the application over the web, wherever they are.

Edition Comparison

Easy-Commission is offered in two editions, to meet the needs of different customers. The two editions are Economy and Regular. Pricing for these editions are available here.

Economy Edition
  • The Economy Edition is useful for companies that have more than 5 users or need to have flexible reporting capabilities.
  • This Edition is useful for companies that have a need for all the features and do not want full customer support.
  • This Edition can also be upgraded to the Regular Edition. All user data and functionalities are preserved when upgrading.
Regular Edition
  • The Regular Edition is a full-featured edition. There is no limitation on the maximum number of users in this edition. All features are available in this edition, including advanced features such as Page Designer. Customer support is included.
  • The Report Designer is made available in this edition to allow users to create their own reports.
  • Customer will have to pay fees per user, but the more users you have, the more discounts you get. No marketing advertisements will be presented.
Calendar - Calendar specifies the commission processing schedule for the company.
Feature Description
Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Annual Commission processing can be based on these standard frequencies.
Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Twice-Monthly Commission processing can be based on these more unusual frequencies.
User definable processing schedule User can define a calendar with any start and date for any period.

Product Comparison

Easy-Commission is designed to address only the most common needs of small businesses in the simplest manner possible. The requirement is to try and make it as easy as possible for customers to use the application without costly help from the vendor. This is a challenge, because sales commissions are very unique for every business. Creating a standardized application that is easy to use is a difficult exercise. We are always looking for feedback to get closer to this ideal.

Due to this, we have omitted many advanced commissions functionality that some businesses use. We market another application called QCommission that can be provided either as an on-premise or hosted application for individual customers. This is a more complex and complete application. The costs are higher and services are always required prior to going live.

We are listing that product here for customers that are not satisfied with the Easy-Commission offering.Easy-Commission users cannot upgrade to QCommission directly, though we can offer upgrade services on demand. We are giving a basic comparison between the two applications to show how their features are substantially different. To learn more about QCommission, please click here.

Features Easy-Commission QCommission
Available on-premises No Yes. On-premises or Hosted
Complexity of application Less Complex More Complex
Services Required No Yes. Setup services required
Commissions for 2 different period frequencies No. Only one period frequency. Yes. Can pay commissions for Month and Quarter, for example.
Quota based commissions No Yes
Complex tiered commissions Difficult Yes
Calculate commission but delay payment till later Difficult Yes. Calculate when you invoice, but pay commission on payment receipt.
Minimum Wage No Yes
Splits 3 Way Split Unlimited Splits
Complicated commission calculations Difficult to do Yes
Profit based commission Single line product profit calculation Complete job-level product based calculation
Integrations QuickBooks, Xero - basic integration QuickBooks, Xero, Salesforce,MS Dynamics, Intacct, Netsuite, SugarCRM, many others.
Workflow No Yes
Multi-Currency Conversion No Yes
Chat Conversations ability No Yes
Customizable Statements Only one format can be set Multiple types of commission statements