Export Data to QuickBooks® Online

1. Introduction

This document helps the user to know the steps involved in Exporting data from Easy-Commission to QuickBooks® online. To export data user has to authenticate Easy-Commission with QuickBooks® Online account.

2. Export Diagram

3. Steps involved in Export Process

a) Connect to QuickBooks® Online

  1. One time setup

    Before proceeding with Export process, Easy-Commission needs to be authenticated with QuickBooks® online account.

    >> Payout Process>> Export To QuickBooks® Online

Click "Connect to QuickBooks®" button to initiate the authentication process with Easy-Commission account. A new page will be shown and asking to "Connect to QuickBooks®"
Another new page will be opened and it will be asking for the QuickBooks® online account credentials.
Click on "Authorize" button to authenticate Easy-Commission application.
User will be shown the connection status.
  1. Close this page & go back to Easy-Commission Application.

b) Initiating Export process

  1. Export of Vendor Commission:

    Before exporting commission to vendor as bills, make sure that Sales Rep (who is actually the Vendor in QuickBooks®) in Easy-Commission has “Employee” field unchecked and “Accounts Payable” field filled with Vendor’s QuickBooks® online Account name (example, “AccountsBasedExpenseLineDetail”) as shown below

ii. Initiate Export process for QuickBooks® Online

After authentication, the user can return back to Easy-Commission Application to begin export by clicking on "Export Data" button.

Now user could see the Export process status.
After the completion of export, you can find a new bill created in QuickBooks® Online account for related vendor

4. FAQ

    1. What are all the Easy-Commission data that can be exported to QuickBooks® online?
      Commission for vendor sales rep can be exported as Bills to QuickBooks® Online.
    2. Why no bills are getting created in QuickBooks® Online even after successful export?
      Ensure the following field values are appropriate in your Easy-Commission account.
      1. In Rep page, Employee flag has to be unchecked
      2. In Rep page, Accounts Payable field is set to correct account name
      3. In Vendor page, Associated Rep Name field has appropriate Rep name selected