Import Data From Xero

1. Introduction

This document helps the user to know the steps involved in bringing their Xero data into Easy-Commission. The user has to authenticate Easy-Commission with Xero and bring in the data with single click. The data will be imported into Easy-Commission.

2. Import Diagrams

a) Data Mapping Diagram

Easy-Commission is importing Reps, Invoices, Customers, Vendors and Items from Xero. Imported Invoices will be converted as transactions.

Easy-Commission integration with Xero

b) Conversion Flow Diagram

Based on the option chosen in the Easy-Commission Import page, Import process will import invoices to Easy-Commission and convert those to transactions.

Import options:

New Invoices >> Imports the invoices with invoice date within current period and converts the imported invoices to transactions.

Paid Invoices >> Imports the fully paid invoices (considers only Receive Payments) that got paid in current period and converts the imported invoices to transactions.

Easy-Commission integration with Xero

3. Steps involved in Xero import

a) One time setup

  1. Authenticate Easy-Commission with Xero account:

    Before proceeding with Import process, Easy-Commission needs to be authenticated with Xero account.

Click on the Authenticate Xero button available in the import from Xero page.

Clicking on the “Connect To Xero” button will require the Xero authentication and it will be redirected to Xero login page.

Choose the Xero organisation which is required to import into Easy-Commission.

  1. Once authorization is completed, the import from Xero page will show up the “Disconnect Xero” button and the page will show the message “Easy-Commission is authenticated with Xero to bring in your data. Click on the ‘Import Data’ button to initiate the import process.”

b) Import process:

  1. Initiate Import process from “From Xero” page in Easy-Commission

    The Xero import page is providing the following import options.

    The import options are,

    New Invoices >> This option will import all of the invoices that are invoiced in current period.

    Paid Invoices >> This option will import all of the invoices that got paid in current period.

    In the Advanced options we have,“Consider Tracking category as Sales Rep in Easy-Commission”

    Xero doesn’t have Sales Rep object in the system. By checking this option, the import process will bring in the Tracking category from Xero into Easy-Commission and create them as Sales Reps.

Choose any one of the options based on your commission payment method.

>> Click on the “Import Data” button to initiate the import process.

After clicking on the “Import Data” button, the import process will start bring in the authenticated Xero company data to the Easy-Commission Account. The import status will be shown in the import statistics page. The import statistics page can be viewed by click on “Import Statistics” button.

4. Import Statistics

Once the Xero import is done, imported records statistics will be shown in the Easy-Commission Xero import page. To view the statistics,

  1. Open the Import>> Import From Xero page in Easy-Commission. Click on the "Import Statistics" button to view the statistics. A link message will also be shown during the import process is running. Clicking on the link will show the statistics page.
  2. The import statistics page contains the information about number of Reps, Customers, Vendors, Items and Invoices that have been imported from Xero, number of errors if occurred any and error details.
Import statistics page.

5. Deleting Imported Data

Easy-Commission provides an option to delete the inserted records in the Import process. The option is available in the Xero import statistics page. The delete action will remove all the Reps, Invoices, Customers, Vendors, Items and Transactions which got inserted in that import run.

  1. Delete process will not remove the records that are updated during the Xero import. It affects only the newly inserted records.
  2. It will not delete the manual entries made in Easy-Commission.
  3. Once the records are deleted from Easy-Commission, they will not be recovered

After clicking “Delete” button, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Select “Ok” button to proceed with deletion.

6. FAQ

  1. How the imported invoices get converted as transaction in Easy-Commission?
    Based on the commission payment method that has been chosen in the import page, invoices get converted as transactions.
    If Created/modified invoices means, only current period invoices will get converted as transactions.
    If Paid based invoices means, current period paid invoices will get converted.
  2. Will Reps are imported to Easy-Commission?
    Yes, if “Consider Tracking category as Sales Rep in Easy-Commission” option is checked. If the option is checked then Tracking category in Xero will be created as Sales Rep in Easy-Commission.
  3. Will Easy-Commission calculates Gross Profit?
    Yes. Easy-Commission calculates Gross Profit for the imported invoices using the formula Sales Amount - Cost where Cost = Quantity * Unit Cost of Item. Easy-Commission does not look at other cost data such as Purchase Orders or Bills.
  4. Will Easy-Commission import invoice lines which do not have item name/quantity?
    Yes. If the invoice is missing item and quantity, Easy-Commission will still import that line. But if the invoice line has all these fields as blanks (Item, quantity, price and amount), then the line will be ignored.
  5. How do I delete the invoices that got imported wrongly?
    Easy-Commission provides a specific “Delete” functionality which will delete all the inserted invoices, reps, customers, vendors and items. The “Delete” option will be available in the import statistics page. Caution: only new "inserted" records will be deleted; records that had their values updated, will not be reversed back to their original values.
  6. Will closed transactions in Easy-Commission get updated in Import process?
    No, closed transactions will not be updated during the Import process. Transactions in Easy-Commission are 'Closed' after commissions are calculated and the commission period is closed out.
  7. Can I import from multiple Xero organisation?
    Yes. But before importing of data from different Xero organisation, it needs to be authenticated.
  8. Did Easy-Commission import my Credit card and other personal information from Xero?
    No. Easy-Commission doesn’t import any of the personal information such as credit cards.

7. Unsupported Scenarios

Currently, Easy-Commission does not support the below scenarios.

  1. While importing invoices, Easy-Commission doesn't support Adjustments (prior period invoices get modified in current period, etc), Voiding invoices scenarios.
  2. While fetching Paid invoices, Easy-Commission doesn't consider payments happened through Credit note, Deposit and Journal payments.
  3. Data from other objects such as Sales order, Bills, Estimates, Checks, Purchase Orders, Sales Receipts data are not imported to Easy-Commission.
  4. Scenarios like making Invoice paid by setting up discounts are not handled.