Maintenance and Support Policy

Software maintenance and support is available only to Customers who are current with all dues. This policy applies only to Easy-Commission software and not to any third party software which may be provided by CellarStone to Customer.

Product Support

Product Support consists of helping customer to resolve issues related to defects in the software. These are referred to as Customer Support Cases. The support team will provide the resolution for issues reported by way of bug fixes or workarounds. When a defect is reported by the customer, the customer can either wait for the next release which has the fix for the defect. A workaround is a change in procedure followed by the customer to avoid an error during use of the software product.

Covered support items are limited to the following:

  • Access issues
  • Calculation and result errors
  • Data storage errors
  • Report errors

Other items including the following are not covered:

  • Ease of use
  • Assistance with calculation formulas and plans
  • Assistance with reports and queries
  • Training

Case Management:

CellarStone will manage Customer Support Cases with an automated system. The status of the Customer Support Cases will be maintained in the automated system.
Different editions of the software allow different levels of free Customer Support Cases. Additional cases are chargeable. For the latest information on available number of cases, please check the product website.

Priority of Customer Support Cases:

Customer Cases will be prioritized according to the following priority categories.

  • Priority 1 - (example: System is down, and payroll is due)
  • Priority 2 - (example: Calculation errors, but payroll is not due immediately)
  • Priority 3 - (example: problem with the system but does not impact calculations)
  • Priority 4 - (example: cosmetic errors, such as report not sorting properly)

The priority will be determined by the customer support person from the information provided by the customer.

Case Reporting:

Customers will report customer support cases via online feedback facility available within the application. Customers can also report cases via email. In future, all issues will need to be reported via an online case reporting facility to be provided by CellarStone.

Note: Support Phone numbers are not provided. We keep costs low with this support model. If this is an issue, please look at our ( application, where that facility is available.

Coverage hours:
Product Support coverage times are as follows:
All times stated are in US Pacific Time Zone times.

Primary coverage hours:

Hours: Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM and 10PM to 6AM
No coverage: Saturday and Sunday
In addition, customers may be supported during other hours depending on personnel availability.

Response Time:

On contact, the response time goals for the initial response will be as follows:

Contacts will be responded to within 24 Hours from contact.

Customer Responsibilities:

1. Remote Access:

The customer will be requested to provide an example of the issue being faced under certain scenarios, if found necessary. This will be usually done over a web meeting.

2. Data Access:

In specific scenarios, if the problem being reported is data centric, Easy-Commission will have the right to access the customer data to identify the problem being reported.

3. Client Software:

The Customer is responsible to use the application with supported browsers and other applications. CellarStone will not be providing a resolution for the issues being reported from non-supported browsers and other applications.

Setup Assistance:

A few hours of Setup Assistance is provided based on type of license after subscription. The setup assistance session will be scheduled based on the availability of the support personnel and the customer involved. During the setup assistance, support personnel will guide the customer through the commission setup in Easy-Commission. Customer is requested to provide clear and precise information about the commission structure to the support personnel involved.
During this assistance setup, the need to create new reports, roles and pages can be communicated to the support personnel. These requests will be resolved based on the feasibility of the requirement and the contracted time for the setup assistance. Any additional requests after the setup assistance will be considered as additional cases and they will be chargeable.
Note: The duration of the free setup assistance will vary per edition and over time. To know more about this, refer to the product website. Setup assistance should be used within one month of subscription after which the customer will have to pay for support Cases.

Product Upgrades:

We are constantly researching customer needs and responding with new features, improvements in ease of use, and fixes.

We plan to update Easy-Commission software at least once in a month. These upgrades are available at no charge to the customers.