Top 5 reasons why you should switch from Excel to a software which can automate your sales commission

Are you still using Excel for calculating sales commission? Then, you should be aware of the following cons of using Excel for calculating sale.

  • Excel is manually cumbersome
  • It is not scalable
  • Involves usage of complex formulas
  • Takes a lot of time and effort

There is a solution for all these problems:

Automating Your Sales Commissions

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should switch from Excel to a software which can automate your sales team’s commissions:

1. Reduces Errors

Calculating sales commissions in Excel creates a tremendous amount of errors and also takes up a lot of time. An automated sales commission software can reduce human errors, hence eliminating calculation mistakes. Get a commission tracking software like Easy-Commission for great accuracy and efficiency.

2. Saves Time

When your company grows, the number of sales reps grows, along with the number of transactions they log. If you’re depending on Excel for all that expansion, you’ll be stuck with spreadsheets far more than you want to.

Don’t spend most of your time working on spreadsheets. Instead, automate your sales commission process and utilize your time productively on sales.

3. Helps Avoid Overpaying Sales Reps

Using spreadsheets for calculating sales commissions can sometimes favour sales people in the way of overpayments – something which tends to go unreported. With a sales automating software, you can avoid overpaying salespeople and calculate accurately which in turn saves a significant amount of money.

Rewarding your reps for their hard work will reward you with much more sales. But never waste your company’s profits on the occasional accidental overpayments.

4. Increases Productivity

With sales automation, salespeople won’t get engaged with shadow accounting. This will help them increase their focus on sales activities and thereby also increase productivity and the company’s revenue.

There will also be a clear vision of sales goals and rewards for each salesperson which will result in good sales month after month.

5. Tracks Records

With sales automation software you can track sales, commissions, and rewards of a particular salesperson or for the whole sales department. With this data, you can identify good and poor performances.


So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to automate your sales commission process. Easy-Commission allows you to do all of these and also there are more features which will surprise you.

Book a demo now and get your sales compensation plan automated!